About the Fund

Matū (noun): material, matter (science), substance

New Zealand has a highly productive and creative scientific community which produces a plethora of ideas and projects. When combined with energetic engineers, entrepreneurs and intelligent capital, these scientific concepts can quickly turn into successful disruptive start-ups. To build successfully, these young companies require this start-up capital matched with strong, strategic, commercial governance, guidance and management.

Matū has been created to address this growing need for very early stage, pre-seed and seed capital investing in scientific, IP-rich start-ups.

The General Partners have a historical track record in successfully investing in and building science and technology companies in complex and international markets through actively managing investments in a “materially hands-on manner”. Our vision is to create employment, commercial success, and wealth for New Zealanders from inventions drawn from within the scientific community.

Our team has extensive connections throughout the innovation and commercialisation ecosystem in New Zealand, giving us excellent visibility into new opportunities. We know what’s needed to support value creation, and have the process and discipline to apply it. We have a long-term view, and are building something that will last into the future.

Our values are expressed through a couple of policy documents. These include our Tikanga Policy and Ethical Investment Policy. We nurture our people, we do the right thing, and we aim to make the world a better place.