Our Partners

IP Group has a global presence in venture capital, with particular experience in technology transfer out of the world’s top universities. We work with IP Group to identify opportunities and provide capital for commercialisation.
The technology transfer office of the University of Auckland, UniServices, manages an investment fund to help support projects related to the staff and students of the university. We work with the Inventors’ Fund to help provide capital for new spinouts.
The Angel Association of New Zealand connects angel investors across the country, while providing an effective voice for early-stage investment. We work closely with the AANZ to help develop content and workshops for the community, and we have representation on the AANZ Council and Executive Committee.
The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s top-ranked university, with the most researchers and highest number of research outputs. We work with UoA to source new ideas that can be taken out of the lab and packaged for the real world.
ReturnOnScience provides expert advice to project teams and technology transfer offices around how to best commercialise new ideas, including advice on technology, intellectual property, market strategy, and capital strategy. We work with RoS to help identify top projects coming out of our research institutions. Several of our staff are on their investment committees.
Momentum is a program targeted towards fast-moving projects, often involving students at tertiary institutions. The Momentum investment committees provide advice on how to progress an idea to commercial reality. We work with Momentum to see some of the best and brightest young people coming through the commercialisation ecosystem, and to give back to the community. Our staff are represented on their investment committees.
Otago Innovation is the technology transfer office of the University of Otago. The University of Otago has particular strengths in biotechnology and medicine. We work closely with their team around identifying research that is best suited for commercialisation, and then connect that research to funding partners and investment capital.
The University of Canterbury has particular strengths in engineering and the physical sciences. We work with their Research and Innovation Office to help identify projects to enter our development and due diligence pipeline. We have representation on their Technology Transfer Advisory Committee.
The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) partners with research institutions across the country to transform scientific discoveries into marketable products and services. We work with KiwiNet to see interesting projects very early-on in their development, and help provide a forward pathway for those projects towards commercialisation.
Anderson Creagh Lai is a boutique commercial law firm. In particular, they have specific expertise in working with start-ups and investment funds across a wide range of sectors and industries. We work with ACL to help develop new legal structures for our more innovative ideas, as well as to provide legal support to our portfolio companies.