Fund Overview

Matū was established in order to fill a gap in early-stage deep science and technology financing in New Zealand. Our goal is to build a strong, diverse portfolio of technical, IP-rich assets. We will not be restricted by the origins of the IP, instead, a key requirement is the ability to establish a clear way of adding value to each individual investment.

Matū’s uniqueness comes not just from the sectors we focus on, but the strong values we apply to the fund and the people within it. You can be sure that each investment is carefully selected and actively fostered to its fullest potential. The team at Matū have a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors with strong connections all over New Zealand and overseas. These connections allow us to access many projects at a very early stage, often before other potential investors. Accessing projects early on allows us to actively guide and support each company to increase the chances of success.

We are an Open (also known as Evergreen) Fund. This means that we will be raising capital on a regular basis, and will not be constricted by a fund cap or arbitrary timing limits. It allows us to pursue opportunities to the fullest extent, and investors can benefit from the full payoff at the right time. Each new round will be priced appropriately to reflect the performance of the Portfolio, with regular revaluation events as necessary. Existing Limited Partners will be given the opportunity to invest in future capital calls, and are also offered sidecar rights into individual company investments.

Our investment strategy has six key principles:

  1. To invest in scientific discoveries that have large commercial potential in global markets, each with IP that can be robustly protected;
  2. To syndicate with complementary Funds, Government Agencies, Family Offices and individuals;
  3. For Matū to be an active participant in each investment;
  4. For investment capital to be reserved for follow on rounds to support better-forming and promising companies in the Matū portfolio;
  5. To assist portfolio companies with the capital strategy and preparing for future funding rounds; and
  6. To develop a strategy and liquidation execution plan for each portfolio company, that remains constantly active within the timeframe of Matū Fund’s investment.

We also have an Ethical Investment Policy that guides our investment process, and ensures that our investments have a positive impact on the world.

If you would like more information, or are interested in investing with Matū, please contact us.