Momentum Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Matū is proud to sponsor the Momentum Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award, a new part of the Kiwinet Research Commercialisation Awards. The award recognises a highly motivated New Zealand university student who has made significant progress developing an idea that can change the world. This student is making outstanding contributions to commercialisation and innovation, or has created an innovative businesses in New Zealand through technology licensing, start-up creation or by providing expertise to support innovation.

We are sponsoring the award because we think that it’s crucial that the next generation of young entrepreneurs be recognised for the contributions they are making to the entrepreneurship and investment community. Innovation generally faces a critical human capital shortage, and the more bright young people we can encourage to move in this direction, the stronger the community becomes and the more impact we can have on producing good outcomes for society.

Read more about the award, and apply here: Entries close Wednesday 19 June!