About Matū

Matū (noun): material, matter (science), substance

We are privileged to have a Te Reo Māori name endorsed by Eru George, a highly respected kaumātua of Ngāti Tūwharetoa and Ngāti Kearoa Ngāti Tuara. We wanted a name that embodied and respected the mātauranga of young hi-tech companies. A literal translation is never entirely satisfactory, but we feel “of scientific matter and substance” describes our essence.

New Zealand has a highly productive and creative scientific community which produces a plethora of innovative ideas and projects. With the combination of energetic engineers, passionate entrepreneurs, and capital investment, these scientific concepts can quickly turn into successful start-ups. To grow successfully, these young companies require both financial and intellectual capital in the form of strong, strategic, commercial governance, guidance, and operational management.

Matū addresses the growing need for intelligent capital investment in IP-rich science and technology start-ups.

Matū’s team has a historical track record in successfully investing in, and growing, science and technology companies in complex and international markets. We do this through actively managing investments in a hands-on manner.

Our vision and purpose is to connect Aotearoa New Zealand’s science and investment ecosystems, enabling them to create positive impact and improve the world we live in. We approach fund management with an intergenerational view, building a community that delivers long-term benefits.

We are embedded in the labs and offices where new ideas are discovered, and have trusted relationships with the innovation and commercialisation ecosystem in Aotearoa. We see a diverse range of investment opportunities at a very early stage.

We know what’s needed to support value creation, and have the process and discipline to apply it. We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of various industries, helping to create opportunity for science and get ideas investment-ready.

Fund Values

We have developed our Matū Values to guide our decision making. These values help guide our policies, including our Ethical Investment Policy and Whakatipu Tāngata (Capability Development) Policy.

Matu Guardian Icon

Guardianship // Kaitiaki

We make decisions that leave the world in a better place than before. We act in the long-term, intergenerationally building a fund that our grandchildren will be proud of.

Matu Integrity Icon

Integrity // Pono

We act with professionalism and do the right thing. We show respect to everyone that we deal with.

Matu Bravery Icon

Bravery // Māia

We demonstrate resilience and persistence through the though times. We lead the way in building confidence towards science and deep tech as an asset class in the long-term.

Matu Passion Icon

Passion // Aroha

We are personally invested, not just for financial gain. We make decisions on more than just money alone.

Matū Group

As we grow, we are establishing a number of entities that sit within the wider group, each focusing on a particular part of the puzzle:

Matū Iramoe

Iramoe (neutron) provides a mechanism for retail investors to invest in the Matū whānau of funds, creating an opportunity for all people in Aotearoa New Zealand to support Matū.

Matū Karihi

Karihi (nucleus) is our original pre-seed and seed-focused fund, working with start-ups at the earliest stages of their journey. As an open fund it raises capital over time and holds investments through to exit where possible, and therefore invests on a long timeframe.

Matū Honohono

Honohono (chemical bond) provides advisory services for a variety of clients in the investment ecosystem. From conducting due diligence on scientific entities for investors to building business cases and pitch decks for start-ups, our team shares our expertise widely.