The Matū Strategy:

Integrate business and science with intelligent investment capital

We invest early in science and technology:
    We are the first to see opportunities
    We help create opportunity and get ideas investment-ready

We actively support our investments:
We get involved to improve the likelihood of success
    We know how to win, investing with patience and conviction

Investing with Matū

Matū was established to fill a gap in early-stage deep science and technology financing in New Zealand. Our goal is to build a strong, diverse portfolio of technical, IP-rich assets. We invest both financial and intellectual capital, making our ability to contribute value to each investment a key requirement in our selection of portfolio companies.

Matū’s uniqueness comes not just from the sectors we focus on, but from the strong values we apply to the fund and the people within it. You can be sure that each investment is carefully selected through a robust due diligence process, and actively fostered to its fullest potential.

We are an Open (also known as Evergreen) Fund. This means that we raise capital on a regular basis, and will not be constrained by a fund cap or arbitrary time limits. It allows us to pursue investment opportunities to the optimal exit point, so that our investors can benefit from the full payoff at the right time. Our units are regularly re-priced to reflect the performance of the Portfolio.

Matū’s uniqueness comes not just from our sectors of focus, but from the strong values of our funds and team members.

But what is deep tech?

Investment Mandate

We look for:

Blue 01

Verified science/technology with defendable IP

Blue 02

Large global commercial potential to produce above average returns

Blue 03

Clear go-to-market pathway towards paying customers

Blue 04

Passionate inventors and founders

Blue 05

Opportunities for Matū to add value and support the company

Blue 06

Co-investment with known syndicate partners to reduce risk and extend networks

Blue 07

A connection to the Aotearoa New Zealand scientific and innovation ecosystem

We have an Ethical Investment Policy that guides our investment process, and ensures that our investments have a positive impact on the world. This is guided by our Matū Values, which drive the way that we interact with our investors and portfolio companies, and govern our decision making.

What we bring to the table:

Active Business Support

Our portfolio companies receive strong governance, strategy, IP, and capital raising expertise.

Science Expertise

Domain experts in our team have connections to the global scientific and academic community.


We syndicate investments with other professional investors to reduce risk and leverage broader networks.

Our Investment Funds

Matū Iramoe

Iramoe (neutron) provides a mechanism for retail investors to invest in the Matū whānau of funds, creating an opportunity for all people in Aotearoa New Zealand to support Matū. We hold regular capital raising and secondary trading auctions via the Catalist platform.

Matū Karihi

Karihi (nucleus) is our original pre-seed and seed-focused fund, working with start-ups at the earliest stages of their journey. As an open fund it raises capital over time and holds investments through to exit where possible, and therefore invests on a long timeframe.

Matū Ngota

Ngota (atom) is a Series A and Series B-focused fund, supporting start-ups from both the Matū portfolio and the rest of the science and deep tech ecosystem as they scale and target overseas markets. This is a series of closed funds that will provide financial and human capital to the best performers in this sector.

Only investors who qualify as wholesale investors under a Schedule 1 exclusion of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 can invest directly in the Matū Karihi or Matū Ngota. Nothing on our website constitutes an Offer of Matū Karihi or Matū Ngota to retail investors.

Interested in investing with Matū?