Objective Acuity Reaches the Chinese Market

Congratulations to Objective Acuity, a start-up with a new form of visual acuity assessment (eye test) that doesn’t rely on verbal questioning and responses. This is particularly important for children, who can be misdiagnosed simply because they answer a question incorrectly (or are unable to answer). The Objective Acuity test actually assesses the function of the eye, and does so in an automated way. This technology was spun-out of the University of Auckland.

Partnering with the AIER Eye Hospital Group in China is a significant milestone, helping them reach over 200 hospitals in the network and therefore millions of customers in one go. AIER provides services to 70% of the insured population across China, and is also expanding to Hong Kong and the US.

Read more here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/objective-acuity-and-aier-eye-hospital-group-announce-a-strategic-cooperation-agreement-300891165.html