Odette Lees

Odette worked with Matū from February 2019 through to the end of November 2019. She is now Business Intelligence Manager at Alimetry, one of Matū’s portfolio companies.

Odette was a research intern for Matū, responsible for helping with research for Matū’s market intelligence activities and due diligence operations.

Odette was involved with Return on Science as an investment committee member, sitting on the Auckland Momentum and Digital Technologies committees. She was also involved with the university organisation Chiasma, which aims to up-skill and connect students in STEM with relevant industries.

Born in Auckland, she has an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Auckland. Throughout her undergraduate studies she had interests in microbiology and immunology. She is particularly interested in how we can harness microbes to solve a variety of problems.