Ligar Polymers is a start-up working in high-specificity filtering and extraction, based in Hamilton, New Zealand. The company is commercialising Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs), originally developed at Waikato Institute of Technology (WinTec) and the University of Waikato. The underlying technology allows for specific molecules to be removed from fluids, which can then be eluted and discarded or separated into a high-concentration extract.

The company has a process for formulating and developing MIPs for a wide range of applications, including removing heavy metals from drinking water and extracting cannabinoids. Ligar is working with a number of major international companies, as well as exploring local opportunities to help grow the Aotearoa economy. Matū is assisting the company with governance and strategic work, including local initiatives to extract high-value bioactives from horticultural waste streams.