Advemto is a photonics system company that has developed unique turnkey solutions for ultrafast spectroscopy. Time-resolved spectroscopy is widely used across a range of disciplines and industries, from academic research to commercial and industrial applications in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, optical, and electronics development and manufacturing. The technology addresses weaknesses in currently available instrumentation in the market, providing improved speed, sensitivity, reliability, and anlaysis.

The technology is developed out of specialist research spearheaded by Dr Kai Chen and Professor Justin Hodgkiss in the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Lab at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington and the MacDiarmid Institute. They are joined by Peter Lai as CEO, making the transition from commercialisation manager at Wellington UniVentures.

Our investment is syndicated with the Exponential Founders Fund, Quidnet Ventures, SIP Innovation, and Booster. Matū Karihi has supported the company through the investment process, and will be guiding the company as it makes its first sales into the academic market.