Ampersand Technologies

Ampersand Technologies is developing the next generation of molecular diagnostics for the animal and horticultural industries, utilising nucleic acid testing methods such as loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). Superior to traditional testing methods due to its speed and high level of portability, Ampersand will make in vitro diagnostics more accessible and affordable, allowing for proactive management of pathogens and invasive species.

A spin-out based on research from Massey University, Ampersand has a strong IP and commercial strategy, and is already able to test for a number of pathogens attacking the Aotearoa New Zealand ecosystem, such as Kauri Dieback and pathogens affecting rainbow trout and tuataras. Having developed more than a dozen diagnostics tests to date, Ampersand has a number of these tests already in commercial use. Matū is excited to work with Ampersand Technologies in their first stage of growth from an operations and governance perspective.