Captivate Technology is entering the carbon capture market by commercialising its novel material, MUF-16, for industrial applications. MUF-16 is a porous material consisting of linked metal ions that act as ‘sponges’ for specific molecules – in this case carbon dioxide.

Captivate’s technology has enormous potential for sequestration of CO2 emitted from primary sources to reduced greenghouse gas emissions. MUF-16 achieves CO2 adsorption as a solid-state material, meaning it’s more environmentally friendly, easier to handle, more energy-efficient, and long-lived than existing approaches.

For some of the hardest-to-abate industrial and fuel change processes, carbon capture at the point of production will likely be one of the most cost-effective solutions that large-scale industries can deploy to reduce emissions.

Captivate is a spin-out company from Massey University, led by Prof. Shane Telfer. Our investment was syndicated with Massey Ventures Limited, New Zealand Growth Capital Partners Aspire Fund, and the Booster Innovation Fund. We led the investment and are providing governance and operational support through the first investment phase.