Codify Asset Solutions (CAS)

CAS has developed an innovative software platform that automates compliance, management, and auditing in a transparent manner based on open standards.Developed out of doctoral research at the University of Auckland’s School of Computer Science, CAS is initially focusing on the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations) industries, fully supporting the ISO-standard BIM (Building Information Modelling) and other open standards. 

The core of CAS software solutions, ACABIM, is a powerful computational engine that can perform complex calculations and navigate through regulations and standards in a verifiable manner. It can be used to automatically check various aspects of a building design model against regulatory requirements for compliance, which can reduce costs and improve productivity in the industry. ACABIM has been incorporated into several software solutions by CAS to assist with land development, planning through to construction, facilities operations, and asset management. Matū Karihi syndicated our investment with the University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund, and we continue to work with the company, actively supporting operations, and governance, including raising capital and market engagement strategies