HTS-110 is an established, internationally recognised and respected designer and manufacturer of high-temperature superconductors (HTS) magnetic systems for a wide variety of applications, including scientific research, healthcare, chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and other global industries. 

Helmed by CEO Donald Pooke, HTS-110 was formed out of technology developed and commercialised from Industrial Research Limited (IRL) and retains strong links with the HTS activities at the Robinson Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington. The current team has over a hundred years of collective experience in HTS and superconductivity research and engineering.

HTS-110 continues to be a profitable, self-sustaining company through the fulfillment and support of their global customer base. Alongside this, HTS-110 is looking to expand their capabilities and product lines into highly demanded and desired technologies by international markets. Matū Karihi joined Booster Tahi Fund to acquire HTS-110 from Scott Technologies, and is looking forward to supporting the company’s growth into new market segments, long-term strategy, and global positioning.