Inhibit Coatings

Inhibit Coatings is a materials science company developing antimicrobial and antiviral coatings for industrial applications and environments. The platform technology produces a versatile coating that can be deployed in various high contamination settings, such as food processing and manufacturing facilities, chemical processing plants, and medical settings. 

Developed out of PhD research conducted at Victoria University of Wellington, the polymer resin compounds exhibit high activity and long-term effectiveness, with an ability to reduce pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces by >99.99%, which is transformative for several industries.

The company, led by CEO Eldon Tate, has now delivered proof-of-concept products to two large multinationals, and are working towards a trial in a hospital facility. The company is also generating data for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enable further sales traction in the North American markets. Matū is providing support through capital raising processes as the company looks towards achieving regulatory approvals.