Liquium are commercialising novel lanthanide catalysts that allow ammonia to be synthesised at lower temperatures and pressures than the current Haber-Bosch standard. In doing so, the energy requirements of producing ammonia can be significantly decreased, reducing plant construction and operational costs as well as its associated greenhouse gas emissions. 

Ammonia production currently accounts for approximately 1-3% of carbon emissions worldwide, creating a significant opportunity for climate impact through decarbonising the fertiliser industry and becoming a zero carbon fuel.

The technology originates from Victoria University of Wellington, led by A/Prof Franck Natali, who has also been recognised through the Breakthrough Energy Fellows Program (founded by Bill Gates) as part of the first cohort. The key goal of the company is to move from a prototype system producing grams of ammonia per day, to commercially viable plants producing tonnes per day at scale in sites across the world.

Our investment is syndicated with Booster, Climate VC Fund, K1W1, and AngelHQ. Matū Karihi played a significant role in helping the company through its first capital raise, and is providing governance support through the first investment phase.