Opo Bio

Opo Bio is a team of world-renowned academics who are breaking into the rapidly evolving industry of cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat. Opo aims to produce a variety of ingredients for international cell-based meat manufacturers, including cell lines for NZ beef and pork.

The cultivated meat movement has a strong potential to support the growth in global meat consumption, while also mitigating the environmental harm of farming meat. The company aims to support a future where NZ meat can be “exported” around the world without the shipping costs, or needing as much intensive farming back home.

The researchers developing the technology are from The University of Auckland, led by Dr Laura Domigan, Dr Vaughan Feisst, and Dr Olivia Ogilvie who was previously an Analyst with Matū for two years. Research customers have already been engaged and the company has strong potential for growth.

Our investment is syndicated with the University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund and Booster Innovation Fund, alongside angel investors. We led the investment and are providing governance support through the first investment phase.