PowerON has developed flexible smart systems based on dielectric elastomers, producing soft, stretchable electronics and lifelike artificial muscles. PowerON’s devices are configured and combined for control, sending, and logic operations. 

A spin-out from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetics Laboratory, PowerON developed breakthrough, internationally patented techniques to “print” sophisticated devices in soft materials, significantly reducing costs and error-prone external hardware. The result is robust, cost effective, and highly versatile devices new applications that work alongside people everyday. 

In mid-2021, the company closed a successful investment round in eight weeks, oversubscribing from a proposed $3 million, demonstrating investor interest in the company. PowerON continues to expand and develop the European market, capitalising on strong collaboration and client partnerships to secure their presence in the soft robotics ecosystem. We have invested in the company alongside IP Group and the University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund, providing governance and operational support.