RosterLab has developed an automatic rostering system that reduces time and labour costs, while improving scheduling and compliance outcomes for a variety of high intensity sectors. An award-winning optimisation algorithm underpins RosterLab’s software, capable of rapid generation of solutions for multi-variable, complex datasets with a high level of customisability. 

Developed out of PhD research from the University of Auckland, RosterLab is initially targeting the healthcare services sector, able to generate complete, compliant, and optimised staffing rosters that take into account critical factors such as personnel skillsets, internal hospital policies, and union requirements. RosterLab has shown marked effectiveness above manually generated schedules, reducing labour overheads and costs, and maximising adherence and utilisation. 

Syndicating the investment with the University of Auckland Inventor’s Fund and Quidnet Ventures, Matū Karihi has worked with RosterLab from the earliest stages, leading their first formal venture capital investment round. We are working with the company and the syndicate partners to expand their rostering software into additional medical wards across New Zealand and the United States.