The team from Rosterlab offer an automated rostering platform, initially targeting healthcare institutions such as hospitals and aged care facilities. The generation of rosters in these environments is very complex with many interacting factors, including care standards, regulatory and union requirements, staff preferences, and cost. The core RosterLab technology seeks to address weaknesses in existing approaches by enabling the rapid generation of computationally optimised rosters at scale. 

The underlying IP was borne out of co-founder Isaac Cleland’s PhD thesis in Engineering Science at the University of Auckland, and was recognised for its success in the International Nurse Rostering Competition. Along with co-founders Daniel Ge and Sunny Feng, the team won the Velocity $100K Challenge in 2020 and has since completed the VentureLab programme at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The company has earned their first revenue, and is actively selling the product to large healthcare institutions internationally.

Syndicating the investment with the University of Auckland Inventor’s Fund and Quidnet Ventures, Matū Karihi has worked with RosterLab from the earliest stages, leading their first formal venture capital investment round. We are working with the company and the syndicate partners to expand their rostering software into additional medical wards across New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.