Raising Capital

We want to advance great scientific ideas.

Matū is looking to invest in scientific and technical ideas at the early stages of commercialisation, enabling them to reach their full potential. Our vision is to create employment, commercial success, and wealth for New Zealanders from the discoveries made in our scientific communities. We believe that there is currently a detrimental shortage of funding available for deep tech and science ventures, so we aim to provide the additional support required to create more successes in these sectors. We are interested in hearing from everyone, from research institutes to universities and the private sector.

We are looking for scientific ideas with potential to disrupt large markets and achieve global reach. Preferably these ideas are founded in New Zealand and need to have strong intellectual property rights that can be robustly protected. This includes existing patents, ideas that can be patented, trade secrets, or other forms of protectable IP.

At Matū, we work closely with the companies we invest in, and their founders, in order to guide them to success. We therefore seek passionate and logical founders that are willing take the journey with us. The companies and founders we work with also need to meet the requirements of our Ethical Investment Policy, ensuring that our investments generate positive outcomes not just in the form of monetary returns, but by creating a positive impact on our societies and the world.

Guidance and Support

Our active approach to our investments means that you get ongoing support and guidance from day one. The Matū team have an extensive track record of actively growing science and technology companies in complex and international markets. The expertise, advice and network that comes from such experience is integrated in the capital we provide.

We aren’t just a group of business people with money – we speak science. With a team of experts in fields ranging from materials science to biotechnology to artificial intelligence, we can help with all aspects of your business.

We are on the same team as our the innovators we support, and we think that counts for a lot.

If you are interested in applying for funding, contact us to have a chat with one of the team.