Investment #12: HTS-110

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We are excited to announce that we have invested into HTS-110, a new company acquiring the HTS-110 magnet tech division from Scott Technology.

Matū Fund, alongside Booster Tahi and CEO Donald Pooke, have together invested into a new standalone company to further commercialise HTS technology. HTS is High-Temperature Superconductivity, a technology utilised in scientific, academic, healthcare, and other global industries. This technology has multiple advantages over traditional magnet and Low Temperature Superconducting (LTS) solutions, including reduced size and weight, rapid cycling, robustness in harsh environments, and reduced sensitivity to environmental factors. HTS-110 has developed a range of magnet systems, magnetic coils, and current leads that are used in applications ranging from spectroscopy to synchotrons to clean energy systems.

HTS-110 was originally formed based on cutting-edge research from Industrial Research Limited (IRL), and is based in Lower Hutt. The company is now led by Dr. Donald Pooke, who has been with HTS-110 since its formation in 2004. The investment by Matū, Booster, and Donald will support HTS-110 in the exploration of new global growth opportunities, including further R&D to develop new product lines. The company already has an established market and committed customers, and helps Matū balance the risk profile of our investment portfolio.

About Matū Fund – Matū is a venture capital fund investing in early-stage science and technology commercialisation from education and research institutions and the private sector. As an open and evergreen fund, Matū takes a long-term investment view and is aimed at turning ground-breaking ideas into globally focused, IP-rich companies. Matū provides intelligent capital with active governance, executive management, operational support, and mentorship for founding and executive teams:

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