Investment #11: Ampersand Technologies

We are proud to announce that we have invested into Ampersand Technologies Limited, a spin-out from Massey University.

Matū Fund and Massey Ventures Limited have together invested in a spin-out from Massey University. Ampersand Technologies offers diagnostic test development and testing services for pathogens in the horticultural and agricultural industries. The ability to rapidly diagnose diseases in real-time is revolutionising our global community’s ability to predict, respond, and manage disease outbreaks. The tests developed by Ampersand are faster, cheaper, and have higher specificity than many of the existing tests in the market. Having already seen success in providing testing for Kāuri Dieback, Ampersand is well placed to make a significant impact on disease management in our primary industries.

The company is led by Dr. Richard Winkworth, a Senior Lecturer in plant genetics at Massey University. Built on several years of existing research and development, the company has a strong IP portfolio and looks to build on this in the coming years. An investment by Matū and Massey Ventures will support Ampersand in the development of software tools to help the company achieve greater scale, and further develop a number of tests for key target markets. The investors are also supporting the company in the recruitment of key team members to help the company grow, both technically and commercially. Richard is joined by Mark Cleaver from Massey Ventures and Dr. Andrew Chen (Chair) from Matū on the Board of Directors.

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